A Better, Faster Path to
Drug Shortage Management

OrbitalRX is the only platform designed to unify your data and proactively manage drug shortages, bringing you the power of real-time situational awareness in a pharmacy-focused workflow.

Proactively Manage Drug Shortages

With OrbitalRX, you gain powerful situational awareness of your entire health system. Our comprehensive data-unifying platform is built to true hospital pharmacy workflows.

Because we’ve worked in roles like yours, we made sure our platform truly understands the way you think and works the way YOU work.

Uncover the power of our platform. See how you can proactively manage drug shortages and reduce the risk to your health system and your patients.

Empowering Hospital Pharmacists

We are hospital pharmacists, and we get it. We understand the challenges, stresses, and workflows of today’s hospital pharmacist because we have stood in your shoes.

That’s why we built the first data-unifying pharmacy technology platform for our fellow pharmacists, so you can efficiently and effectively manage medication shortages.

We invite you to be part of a new approach to hospital pharmacy automation. One that is meaningful, grounded in real-world workflows, and an extension of the professional and personal mission we share with you: our oath to patient care.

With your input and feedback, we can go further in that mission than we ever imagined.

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