Proactively Manage Drug Shortages

Harness the Power of Real-Time Situational Awareness

OrbitalRX gives you the power of real-time situational awareness through a comprehensive data-unifying platform built to true hospital pharmacy workflows.

Our platform actively aggregates data from across the entire health system, as well as external sources. Then combines it with situational awareness of your unique environments.

With OrbitalRX, you can more quickly identify key risk-factors of specific medication shortages that could impact patient care.


OrbitalRX is Different

Much more than an app, we are focused on helping hospital pharmacists build a strategy for proactively managing shortages through our comprehensive, data-unifying drug shortage management platform.

Designed specifically for hospital pharmacy workflows, our platform helps to you strategically and proactively manage shortages, mitigate negative effects, streamline stakeholder actions and communications, and achieve specific business outcomes for your hospitals or health system.

Platform Features & Benefits

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See drug data across your entire health system, and granularly filter data down to individual campuses

Have a single, consolidated view of procurement options and vendors, always within arm’s reach

Communicate, report, and follow through with key stakeholders more efficiently and effectively

Deploy quickly and easily into your systems and workflow

Encompass all data, steps, and processes within one platform instead of multiple, one-off apps and systems

Rely on accurate, up-to-date information in real-time, instead of manually finding and aggregating data from disparate applications and systems

Designed by pharmacists for true, pharmacist-centric workflows to reduce redundant steps, illogical paths, incomplete data, and inefficiency

Make faster and more informed decisions relevant to your unique health system environment and workflow

Gain clearer understanding of drug utilization and more accurate inventory analysis, while removing inventory blind spots

Depend on more accurate and reliable shortage management data for a more efficient pharmacy

A Platform That Works the Way You Work

We are hospital pharmacists. We’ve stood in your shoes, so we understand the challenges, stresses, and workflows you deal with every day.

We believe you want a pharmacy automation platform that understands the way you think and works the way YOU work.

No more obscure workflows that aren’t grounded in the realities of a hospital pharmacy environment and day-to-day operations. Instead, what today is a manual and reactive process can become an automated, proactive one. That’s what happens when we consolidate data into a unified platform with robust analytics and real-time situational awareness.

OrbitalRX is the only platform that truly offloads the tedious work required in managing medication strategies within the hospital pharmacy. Even better, the OrbitalRX platform addresses the entire medication management lifecycle.

Tired of bouncing from one application to the next? Everything you need to anticipate, evaluate, take action, follow-up, and report resides in a data-unifying single, powerful platform designed to improve your overall medication shortage management strategy.

To achieve this, OrbitalRX focuses on these three areas: inventory, supply chain, and workflow and communications.

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The OrbitalRX platform provides a real-time view of drug inventory, both across the health systems and also within individual sites. Through a consolidated view, you have real-time visibility into:

  • what product you have
  • where it’s located
  • how fast it’s being used
  • history of what happened with the products

This inventory visibility enables you to better manage what’s happening within your health system.

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Supply Chain

The platform provides a broader view of what product is available and consolidates it into a single dashboard. You can see all potential options in terms of medication alternatives and availability across multiple supplier catalogs.

This gives the you the ability to:

  • quickly see all options available in real-time
  • spread out your buying strategies
  • have greater confidence in your buying decisions
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Pharmacy Workflow & Communications

With OrbitalRX, you can organize and automate medication information from across the health system and supply chains through a consolidated view, then take action based on the most up-to-date and relevant information.

Goodbye old time-draining methods of manually organizing the disparate data into spreadsheets, only to sit in stakeholder inboxes!

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